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  • “Tina Malia on “Singing the Heart of Shakti”
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Tina Malia
Singer, Songwriter
Sai Maa
International Spiritual Master, Jagadguru, Healer & Leader of Humanitarian Efforts, Founder of Sai Maa Vishnu Shakti Trust
Jeff Brown
Author, Filmmaker, Founder of Enrealment Press and Soulshaping Institute
Sally Kempton
Spiriitual teacher, author, founder of Dharana Institute
Sheri Winston
Award-winning author, medical professional and sex educator
Susan Bratton
CEO and Co-Founder of Personal Life Media, trusted hot sex advisor, author, speaker and TV celebrity
Dr. Patti Britton
Clinical Sexologist, Pioneering Sex Coach and Co Founder of Sex Coach University
Anaiya Sophia
Mystic, Author & Facilitator
Ellie Drake
Dr. Ellie Drake Founder of BraveHeart Women... Expert on Ease
Shakti Malan
Tantra Teacher, Author of Sexual Awakening for Woman
Shannon Thompson
Founder and Visionary Director Shakti Rising

As women, we each have a wellspring of ecstatic energy, creativity, abundant joy and sexual vitality — but we have to know how to tap into it.

In this day and age, it’s quite common to experience burnout from trying to keep pace with an adrenaline-fueled, productivity-driven culture.

The result? We feel tense, disconnected and depleted. We are uninspired and lack creativity. We close up due to exhaustion and fear.

And we lose touch with the gifts of our natural feminine essence.

The Shakti Summit series is here to change all that — helping you cultivate more aliveness, joy, creativity and sensuality — by awakening the power of your sacred feminine life force, your Shakti.

As women, it’s essential that we learn to nurture and expand our authentic feminine energy. However, too often, our Shakti gets buried under piles of obligations and a laundry list of “shoulds.”

We simply can’t run on adrenaline and testosterone without extinguishing our natural essence. The rhythms of a female body and soul require a more sensuous fuel to truly feel the joy, love and beauty of being alive.

When you’re not in alignment with your Shakti — your sacred feminine essence — you are sent all sorts of “signals,” both big and small. Here are some of the many symptoms you may have experienced:

  • Being overwhelmed, exhausted or burnt-out
  • A lack of juiciness, sexual desire or passion for life
  • Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed
  • Overeating or abusing substances to fill voids
  • Feeling uninspired & being creatively blocked
  • Low self-esteem & poor body image
  • Inability to speak your truth
  • Conflicts & reduced intimacy in your relationships
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself, others & Spirit

Become More Empowered, Joyful & Whole

The truth is that women are more empowered, joyful and whole in all areas of their lives when we are aligned with our sacred, feminine life force.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you top sacred sexuality teacher, coach and author Lisa Schrader in inspiring and sumptuous sessions with world-renowned visionaries, teachers and spiritual guides.

The experts in The Shakti Summit series uncover and share about the mysteries of your sensuality and feminine energy, so that YOU can become a magnetic source — not because you try harder, but because you are more radiantly attractive on all levels. You’ll learn to charm life by loving it.

You will also discover deep wisdom and insights to help you activate YOUR Shakti — so your feminine essence can truly shine in all that you do.

As you tap into your Shakti energy, you’ll:

  • Open to receive and experience more pleasure.
  • Deepen intimacy and create or attract a profound, expansive partnership.
  • Rejuvenate your sexual vitality — and discover new ways of making love.
  • Learn to love your body and heal old body-image issues.
  • Learn to speak your truth, set boundaries and ask for what you want.
  • Fuel your creative gifts with orgasmic energy.
  • Discover the joy of living each moment as sacred.
  • Tap into more energy and enthusiasm.
  • Dare to love fully, with an open heart.

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Activating Authentic Feminine
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Shakti Summit host Lisa Schrader speaks intimately about the 3 keys to activating authentic feminine power (Shakti). Unhook from the pattern of exhausting yourself in pursuit of what you want and learn how awakening your Shakti allows you to more effortlessly draw to you what is wanted from a place of your magnetic feminine radiance.

Ignite Your Shakti Life Force

Throughout history, this potent feminine power has been demonized, defiled and distrusted. But Shakti is our birthright. And it is this very energy — often described as “ the primal life force of the feminine face of God ” — that is most needed in our world at this time.

When you register for The Shakti Summit, you will become part of a global sisterhood — from young women to elders — who recognize and honor their Shakti as the source of their pleasure and power.

Whatever life cycle stage you’re in — and whether you are single or in partnership — the top experts in this series are offering their deep insights about practical ways to bring more pleasure into each day.

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About Host Lisa Schrader

Lisa Schrader was the first sacred sexuality teacher invited to speak on Oprah for a reason — unlike so many ungrounded “new age” teachers, she’s accessible, real and can relate to many kinds of women on different levels. Lisa has been a housewife and doting mother. She’s been a successful entrepreneur and a top-tier coach. She’s been through the wringer of a divorce, and then discovered truly sacred partnership. Lisa hasn’t lived a life in some distant ashram, but in the same daily routines and challenges that we all face.

However, Lisa has lived with one major difference that has made ALL the difference in the quality of her days — she’s discovered the keys for accessing the sacred, sensual energy that is a woman’s birthright and the source of our greatest blessing — our Shakti. Lisa is here with a mission and vision of “One Love” — always seeking ways of opening her own heart more deeply in self-love, erotic love, loving others — and ultimately, Divine Love. It is her profound joy to serve others in this process through her writing, coaching, workshops, speaking and teaching. And Lisa has helped thousands of women discover a life with far more magic, pleasure and possibility.


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