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Ignite Your Vital Energy,
Ecstatic Joy and Pleasure
Join us and discover how to...
  • Experience more pleasure
  • Reclaim your sexual vitality
  • Awaken your Shakti energy...
So you can live in alignment with your essence and liberate the power of the feminine life force!
John Gray, Ph.D.
Bestselling Relationship Author
Lisa Schrader
Founder of Awakening Shakti, Professional Coach and Author
Danielle LaPorte
Outspoken Creator of The Desire Map, Author of The Fire Starter Sessions, and Soon-to-Be Publisher of DANIELLE Magazine
Thomas Moore
Best-selling Author, Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader
Chameli Ardagh
Founder/Director of the Awakening Women Institute
Sera Beak
Author, Redvolutionary, Teacher
Sally Kempton
Spiritual teacher, Yoga Journal columnist, author Awakening Shakti & Meditation for the Love of It

What if you could fire up your vitality, ecstatic joy and natural feminine essence – instead of feeling burnt-out from trying to over-achieve in a hyper-masculinize world?

What if you knew how to open your heart more deeply to yourself, others and ultimately to the Divine – instead of closing up from exhaustion and fear?

You CAN!

And The Shakti Summit sessions will show you how!

Join host Lisa Schrader – acclaimed sacred sexuality teacher, coach and author – for inspiring and sumptuous sessions with world-renowned visionaries, teachers and spiritual guides. They will share deep wisdom and insights to help you activate your SHAKTI – the sacred, feminine life force.

Too often, our SHAKTI gets buried under piles of obligations and a laundry list of “shoulds.” As women, it’s especially imperative to learn to nurture and expand our authentic feminine energy.

We can’t run on adrenaline and testosterone without extinguishing our natural essence. The rhythms of a female body and soul require a more sensuous fuel to truly feel the joy, love and beauty of being alive.

As you become more fully aligned with your feminine energy, you will:

  • Open to receive and experience more pleasure
  • Deepen intimacy and create or attract a profound, expansive partnership
  • Rejuvenate your sexual vitality – and discover new ways of making love
  • Learn to love your body and heal old body-image issues
  • Learn to speak your truth, set boundaries and ask for what you want
  • Fuel your creative gifts with orgasmic energy
  • Discover the joy of living each moment as sacred
  • Have more energy and enthusiasm
  • Dare to love fully, with an open heart
We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared without your permission.

When you register for The Shakti Summit you will become part of a global sisterhood - from young women to elders – who recognize and honor their Shakti as their birthright and the source of their pleasure and power.

The truth is that women are more empowered, joyful and whole in all areas of their lives when we are aligned with our sacred, feminine life force. Throughout history, this potent feminine power has been demonized, defiled and distrusted.

But SHAKTI is our birthright! And it is this very energy – often described as “the primal life force of the feminine face of God” – that is most needed in our world at this time.

The experts on The Shakti Summit will uncover and share the mysteries of your sensuality and feminine energy so that you can become a magnetic source – not because you try harder – but because you are more radiantly attractive on all levels You’ll learn to charm life by loving it (rather than being overwhelmed by it).

These special teachers are also offering their free advice about practical ways to bring more pleasure into each day. Whether you are single or in partnership, whatever life cycle stage you’re in, and inclusive to whomever you are loving.

Sign up for FREE to discover how to awaken your sacred, feminine Shakti energy – embracing the true beauty and blessings of womanhood – and attracting a passionate life overflowing with joy, sensuality and love!

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Getting Started with Tantra eBook

If you’re curious about Tantra and sacred sexuality practices, Lisa Schrader’s eBook home study guide, Getting Started with Tantra, is an excellent place to begin. This updated second edition has twice the content (27 pages) and includes all the best techniques from Lisa’s live workshops. It’s great for couples looking to expand passion, intimacy and sacredness in their lovemaking. It’s also excellent for singles who want to explore the “inner marriage” and prepare for tantric union. This book is beautifully designed, written with heart and full of practical ways to awaken the tantric lover in you and your Beloved.

We respect your privacy. Your information will never be sold nor shared without your permission.


Lisa Schrader was the first sacred sexuality teacher invited to speak on Oprah for a reason – unlike so many ungrounded “new age” teachers, she’s accessible, real and can relate to many kinds of women on different levels. Lisa been a housewife and doting mother. She’s been a successful entrepreneur and a top-tier coach. She’s been through the wringer of a divorce and then discovered truly sacred partnership. Lisa hasn’t lived a life in some distant ashram, but in the same daily routines and challenges that we all face.

However, Lisa has lived with one major difference that has made ALL the difference in the quality of her days – she’s discovered the keys for accessing the sacred, sensual energy that is a woman’s birthright and the source of our greatest blessing – our Shakti.

Lisa is here with a mission and vision of “One Love,” – always seeking ways of opening her own heart more deeply in self-love, erotic love, loving others – and ultimately, Divine Love. It is her profound joy to serve others in this process through her writing, coaching, workshops, speaking and teaching.

And Lisa has helped thousands of women discover a life with far more magic, pleasure and possibility.

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